Bridesmaid Dresses That Will Flatter Any Figure

Published: 16th September 2010
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Deciding on the style of your bridesmaid dresses is one critically important part of your wedding preparations. Since you want your wedding to be just perfect, you'll do well to give some thought to choosing a bridesmaid dress style that will flatter any figure, making each of your bridesmaids look lovely, no matter what her body type.

Having an eye for style can help, yet it's equally important to understand the fashion elements that make certain dress styles universally flattering. With the wide array of styles available, selecting a bridesmaid dress that incorporates these elements should be a simple and enjoyable task.

A-line styles are classic when it comes to versatility, providing a figure-enhancing look for nearly any body type. One example is the Strapless Satin A-Line with Pleated Chiffon Bodice. This elegant satin gown has a slimming effect that flatters the more ample figure while also looking perfectly natural on more slender body types.

Its tasteful, diagonally ruched strapless bodice is further embellished by pleated side draping, in flattering chiffon, creating an even more glamorous look. The positioning of the inverted pleat directly over the left hip creates a particularly winsome appearance that's reminiscent of ultra-high fashion styles. This is one dress your bridesmaids are sure to love, no matter what their age, size, taste, or body type.

Another A-line that will make all your bridesmaids look wonderful is the Two-Tone Satin Strapless Ball Gown with Invert. This unique gown features side-positioned inverted pleats, in contrasting colors, on both the bodice and skirt, adding special appeal by providing both a striking contrast and balanced coordination.

A generous spray of matching embroidery flowing from one pleat to the other provides understated elegance while creating a continuous line of artistry that joins both pleats into a stunningly integrated design. A matching two-tone wrap completes this classic look.

the Strapless Shantung A-Line Gown with Beading is an A-line gown that will provide yet another stylish option for the female members of your bridal party, no matter what their figure. This glamorous gown features attractive beadwork on its natural banded waistline and diagonal ruching on its strapless, fitted bodice.

A sweetheart neckline provides an ultra-feminine look, accented by a diagonal side-panel overlapping the right hip and a slim, fitted silhouette, which combine to create a lovely hourglass shape for every body type. A gentle flare from knee to hem completes the attractive line of this gown, offering a look your bridesmaids will love.

Since A-lines offer the most versatility, you'll find many bridesmaid dress styles that utilize this fashion feature, including the Strapless Chiffon A-Line Dress with Draped Skirt. This exceptionally attractive gown combines the figure-enhancing properties of the A-line skirt with the softening effect of hip- and tummy-hiding side draping.

This ingenious fashion feature has an almost-magical ability to make any figure look gorgeous through its tendency to create an hourglass silhouette. Vertical front pleating on the strapless bodice adds style, while coordinating perfectly with the draped folds gently radiating downward from the charmeuse waistband.

Another fashion feature that flatters every figure is the empire waist. One style that demonstrates this perfectly, while enhancing the effectiveness of the empire waist even further by combining it with an equally figure-flattering A-line skirt, is the Strapless Jersey A-Line with Ruched Charmeuse Bust.

This enchanting design features an inverted pleat on the left side and softly gathered folds of jersey flowing gracefully from beneath the empire-waist ruched charmeuse bodice. The high-sheen fitted bodice provides an elegant look that minimizes larger bustlines while offering just the right fit to accentuate the charms of the less amply endowed.

Another gown that combines the universally flattering features of the empire waist and A-line skirt is the Fog Foil Chiffon Split Front A-Line with Beading Style. This shimmering chiffon charmer offers beauty and versatility from neckline to hemline, starting with a lovely band of beadwork edging its strapless sweetheart neckline.

It only gets better from there, with the fabric of its unique empire-waist bodice horizontally gathered at several points to gently delineate the bustline. This lovely fashion feature is still further embellished by soft draping that runs down the entire front of the gown starting at the center of the neckline.

This stunning design truly must be seen to be fully appreciated. The midline draping adds an extra measure of versatility, which makes this style even more flattering to the ample waistline than its A-line skirt and empire waist would alone. As is generally the case with A-line skirts and empire waists, this style proves equally flattering to the smaller frame.

As you can see, many bridesmaid dress styles create an appealing silhouette that flatters any figure. The ingenious fashion features that make these dresses so incredibly versatile also make your wedding planning easier. By selecting your bridesmaid dresses from one of these universally flattering style families, you'll make your bridal shopping less stressful and more enjoyable as you focus on choosing just the right combination of fashion elements to make all your bridesmaids shine.

Roseann Losito is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and specific products such as bridesmaid dresses.

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